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This afternoons topic is about the ups and downs of the Gambian music industry.  What are the obstacles if any preventing the art and culture to reach their potential.  What can be done to promote together what belongs to us all.

There will be guest artists on the show to share their experiences andopinions on the topic.


Ngomarr with Bai Elle Touray, International
Master of Ceremony every Saturday evening between 21:00 till late.  
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Child trafficking and slavery in the AE

In countries where Camel riding is both a sport and a game, we will all agree that or assume that these countries are deploying adult jokey.  This is not the case in the Arab Emirate where the illegal child abuse is taking place in the racing tracks.  Children as young as 3 years are the most wanted jokey who are also the potential winners of any race because of their light weight.  Remember these poor children were all smuggled in the Arab Emirates by the modern Slave Masters rooming between Africa and Asia.  These kids were from countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Sudan just to name few.  One would always expect the living conditions of a Jokey to be more or less comfortable and maybe even to VIP status in any Western, African or Asian country.  But its the opposite in the Arab Emirates, because the young innocent jokey are not being paid nor fed or living in a proper house.

Their masters are the Camel owners like the "royal" family of Saudi watched and enjoyed by the same elite who is turning a blind eye on slavery and child abuse.  Imagine you sleep in a tent with no food to eat, the only provision is a tin of biscuits as a camel jokey and the camel you ride swims and trains in a modern gym.  These are the few common practices in the Arab Emirates in this flipping twenty first century.  More to follow..