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Police cover up in the UK

When those who are supposed to protect us and our basic human rights are instead victimizing and incriminating us because of prejudice stereotypes.

And when the main stream media practitioners are siding with the corrupt institutions to temper and distort facts. I am here referring to the death of a young Black boy in Hackney on Sunday 22nd July 2017.

A twenty old man has died after being chased and apprehended by police in east London.

He's named as Rashan Charles, was allegedly seen trying to swallow an object and was pronounced dead in a hospital a short time later.

The statement above was from the Guardian news paper one of the biggest newspapers in the country. Would you dare doubt their statement?

Yes you shall and would after watching the first hand footage of what really took place between the young man and the police that day, I am sure you will be shocked and confused to why the police could give wrong and misleading updates to reporters and writers.

Before I saw the footage of the incident, I first heard it on the news. It said " a man was pronounced dead at hospital after he has being prevented from swallowing an object by the police"

This was not the case at all. This is misleading and an insult to ordinary people's intelligence.

Here is another account from the New scotland yard and I quote: The officer intervened and sought to prevent the man from harming himself. Paramedics were called and before they arrived police officers including a medic provided first aid.

Again how comes the young man needed first aid? From arrest and preventing him from harming himself to needing first aid. Some things do not add up here.

Some accounts are even claiming that there was a chase between the deceased and the police.

That is not true. There was no chase whatsoever, these are mare fabrications and aim to hide the true picture from the public.

The incident took place in a shop not on the M4 nor M25 or A406.

The victim was not running nor on a panic mode when He calmly entered the store.

Then out of no where this officer grab the man from his back started dragging the young man. After few second the officer flung him on floor where scuffle started, throughout this ordeal the man remained on floor. The officer had other men helping him to have the man handcuffed.

The CCTV footage does not demonstrate that the man was trying to swallow something nor He resisted arrest. He was driving in these frames.

Communities need have trust in the forces that are policing them. How can this trust be rebuild when the forces make up stories and keep incriminating innocent people based fake intelligence or prejudice stereotypes? We have seen this practiced in many cases in the past but I never thought the media would play a vital role in cover ups.

The police must stop using unreliable leads and start treating all suspects equal before the law.

Some of these so called dangerous black youths, have never seen drugs or seen a gun.

What they need now now is equal opportunities, respect and support as their counterparts.

Here is the first hand version of the said incident on Sunday 22 july 17 in London Hackney.

By Baba Iss for Amulragal fm news

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